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Why you should Gamble with Bitcoins

We often hear dramatic phrases like “this is the future of {fill in the blank}” all the time, where very clearly someone is trying to sell us on the benefits associated with their new product, service or site. The truth is however, when it comes to gambling, BitCoin really could be the future and there are a number of reasons why this would turn out to be the case. Of course, no one’s saying that there aren’t also obvious roadblocks in the way, for instance the fact that certain BitCoin sites currently aren’t accessible from the US, speaks volumes about the situation.   If you’re still unsure or on the fence about this issue, check out this blog post about bitcoin gambling from  Anyway, here are some of the top reasons why you should gamble with BitCoins (assuming that you’re able to, that is)…

Lower fees for transactions

Surely this one doesn’t require much additional explanation, does it? Gamblers tend to scour the web looking for the sites and brokers offering the lowest possible fees for transactions and where this is concerned, Bitcoin vendors are among the best out there. Ultimately this translates into “value added” for the gambler, and in truth the draw of not having to shore up exorbitant fees for a bunch of useless “gate keeper middle men” is likely to lull many others over in this direction (if not sooner then eventually).

Anonymous use

Once upon a time the internet used to be a place where you could anonymously do things (not illegal activities or stuff designed to hurt people). As you all well know by now, that period in human history is sadly coming to an end. The fact is that a lot of people resent the level of overbearing control that governments, corporations and central banks are exerting because they’re making it impossible for the average person to turn a profit…in anything. Naturally, BitCoin emerged as an alternative to central bank fiat currencies which makes it great for those gambling sites which use it. Moreover, you can often anonymously deposit and withdraw funds (legally) into a bitcoin account. In other words, this also implies that you’re not prone to egregious seizures, where overreaching “authorities” clearly overstep their bounds and try to ruin your life and livelihood.

Better payout rates, overall
According to the stats, many have noted that Bitcoin gambling sites currently tend to payout greater amounts (percentage wise) than other similar online destinations. Again, this fact alone should spur you to at least check out what they have to offer, even if you don’t currently have your own bitcoin wallet set up. This also applies within the realm of sports betting too, which should definitely get more than a few people excited, particularly those who are used to dealing with physical betting houses and bookmakers.


Some people become attached to a specific casino game and don’t want to play anything else. While anyone can do that, at a website like the all slots casino, there are so many great games that is is very hard to limit oneself to playing just one of the many slot machine games.

Finding The Best Casino UK

It is getting real hard to finding the best UK online casino, because you will find a great list of top online casinos in UK.   So it is important to select which suits best to your playing need. With gambling as a legitimate business, finding the best casino is just like searching a needle, lost in a haystack. But, if you really wanted to, better do a ‘Google Search’ for the best casinos. Will that be helpful? Obviously not, since each and every individual website, boasts about themselves, in a pretty assuring manner. Well then how could we find what we want?

A pretty good choice would be “Word of Mouth”, but once again it ends up as area sensitive ideology. What we could do is go through the website browse through the facilities provided, then finalize. Essential facilities are now found almost in all the casino’s either big or small, what we could do is to go through the additional facilities in a row.

Choose Your Best Online Game

The main thing depends on your taste. If you like to join a Casino, with class, style and difference opt for the On-Board Casinos (Floating Casinos), whereas if you like to just gamble and gamble with importance to money and nothing else (Everything could be bought later with money attitude), then you could move in for a casino with best luxury and provide comfort, depriving you the knowledge of time. Once you decide the scenario, getting the best casino is not a hard task so click here and start playing online casino for real money and win.

The main thing one must take notice is the Money Exchange part. If a Casino accepts any currency or provides you with immediate cash-in with the real value (Cash-ins and bets could suffer a loss of money when converted into other currencies often) then it’s appropriate. Moreover, the cash-ins should be immediate and in any required currency to avoid loss due to fluctuations in the Currency values.

Next, the main part is regarding the sign-up bonuses. Casinos offer a lot of sign-up bonuses to bait customers to their casinos. Go through a list of casinos to see the Sign-up bonuses and what could be more appropriate for you, could be selected. If you are a gambler with a minimal amount, the bulk amount as signup bonus could be useful. But, when you are a big time investor in gambling, then bonuses such as 200% the amount deposited, could be the best.

The most essential part is Varieties like poker machines or slots machines . What good is a casino with just four of each kind? It should have more number of varieties in each kind so that, the players could switch and move around experiencing all the major areas of the casino.

The last thing is their customer support. Either it be a cash-in or a service, whatever it could be, learn about their entire agenda. It surely helps when you are in the casino. Only with all these factors, one could get a better result in finding the best casino in UK.

While one can play online slot machine games alone, and many people do, some people get together with friends to have casino parties. They pool their money and play games at the all slots casino and then split whatever they win. It makes for a very exciting evening with friends.